Carbide Scroll Cutting Die

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    1.It adopts Japanese SKD11 material, the hardness is between 60 and 63 HRC, with good abrasion resistance, impact resistance and is not easily transformed.

    2.The product adopts Japanese imported high precision guide pin and guide bushing, ensures the minimum clearance of die and long lifetime of key components.

    3.Our company has many senior engineers who design the structure of the die elaborately, which ensures the rationality and stability about the die while it is shearing at high speed.

    4.To overcome the problem that aluminum powders stick blades in cutting, our engineers developed a type of scroll cutting die and solved the problem which interferes with the aluminum plate.

    Technical Parameters

    Clearance between upper and lower die


    Lifespan of alloy steel cutting die

    1500,000 times;

    Cutting side burrs


    Max cutting width


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