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    Electrical Engineer

    Job Responsibilities:

    1, can independently complete the system project preparation;

    2, responsible for automatic control system technology and engineering design, drawing related design drawings;

    3, responsible for the numerical control equipment electrical and control system selection, design and assembly, to guide the project site installation, equipment commissioning, to solve technical problems;

    4, responsible for the implementation of the organization of project management, management and control equipment debugging and improvement of the program, to adapt to short - term travel;

    5, responsible for the preparation of relevant technical guidance manual, with other departments for technical support work. Responsible for the safety, maintenance and improvement of electrical related projects, facilities, participation and responsible for the design, design quality and construction design work of the electrical parts;


    1, electrical engineering and automation and other related full-time undergraduate and above;

    2, proficient in Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi PLC automatic control system design and installation, programming and debugging related to the technical work;

    3, proficient WinccIFIX configuration software such as programming, debugging and other related technical work;

    4, with low-voltage electrical knowledge, familiar with the electrical circuit diagram, familiar with the electrical drive, motor control;

    5, a strong basis for self-control theory, familiar with AutoCAD drawings, to independently design automated electrical circuit diagram and complete the product assembly and commissioning work;

    6, have a certain ability to edit the text, to write the principle of equipment and the use of operating instructions, etc .; with strong coordination, communication skills and language skills;

    7, have good communication skills, teamwork and a high degree of responsibility.

    8, PLC application development more than 5 years work experience.

    Mechanical Engineers


    1, with mechanical design capabilities, the relevant mechanical design and equipment as a whole transformation of independent development and other related experience, familiar with the choice of materials, mechanical and electrical integration have a certain understanding;

    2, to understand the mechanical equipment manufacturing process and manufacturing process;

    3, familiar with the drawing, three-dimensional modeling and analysis software, such as AutoCAD, Pro / E and other mechanical design software, according to product design requirements for product structure design, parts design;

    4, familiar with the mechanical principle, mechanical structure, mechanical processing technology; transmission machinery principle, pneumatic components, all kinds of motors, hydraulic components, to understand the principle of electrical control. ;

    5, full-time specialist and above, mechanical design / mechanical and electrical integration; 3 years relevant work experience.

    Job Responsibilities:

    1, skilled two-dimensional, Solid works three-dimensional drawing.

    2, product mechanical structure, mechanical parts design, material selection

    3, with the circuit engineer with the completion of product design

    4, to complete the other leaders assigned to other work

    5, follow the mechanical design and production of convergence with the rectification of the technical problems encountered.

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