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    Service Before Sales

    1, the company to the user details of the company all products related information and quality.

    2, to provide users with product technical seminars, including the use of products, product use characteristics and other technical issues, where users need to provide services, the company will send the best engineering and technical personnel for customer service and technical seminars.

    3, the company set up a service hotline for users to answer a variety of product questions and problems.

    Service In Sales

    1, to the company to buy the main users of the spot to fill the user service tracking card.

    2, where the development of new users, goods within a week by the marketing department telephone contact customers, asked the goods to the acceptance, including product quality to meet customer needs, transportation, packaging and other customer requirements.

    3, where the new development of new products, to the goods to the people, to introduce products to users and to assist users to install, introduce the use of methods and technical requirements.

    4, the key users to send a quarterly service to visit once to twice, for comments, to solve the user's question.

    Service After Sales

    1, the user to use my company's product quality problems, received a customer complaint request within 24 hours to answer, the service staff to the customer needs time to the scene to solve the problem.

    2, if the product quality problems, the company should be responsible for Baotui, Baohuan, Bao is responsible for repair, until the customer satisfaction.

    3, our company will provide a sound network of online service system, if the product has any quality, use, and other related issues, you can also online message feedback or directly in the form of E-MAIL; we will be in the shortest time With the fastest speed to your satisfaction with the reply.

    Fourth, the conditions of service identification

    1, the warranty period of quality problems, such as the cause of the product itself is indeed caused by my company will provide free services.

    2, the warranty period of quality problems, as a result of customer reasons, our company will provide preferential paid services.

    3, the warranty period after the quality problems, our company is willing to continue to provide preferential services.

    Our services aim: "for customer service, the user is responsible for, so that customer satisfaction!